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Medicine balls might seem like old-school training equipment, but they are incredibly versatile. And with the right techniques, you can train muscles that regular equipment finds it difficult to target.

All our medicine balls come in small weight increments, giving you plenty of options to try different exercises. You can use them for virtually every seated or standing exercise imaginable, including both dynamic and static movements. Use them for rock and roll-up movements, lunges, twists, overhead presses, reverse swings, wall work, triceps extensions and reaching Romanian deadlifts.

Aside from their versatility, medicine balls have the added advantage of not damaging your floors if you drop them, making them great for both commercial and home gyms. Plus, because they are soft, you can also throw them back and forth with a partner.

Our medicine balls come in in 1 kg increments ranging from 1 kg to 10 kg. Each ball features a durable and textured exterior made of eco-friendly high quality rubber designed to minimise impact with both your body and the ground.

You can order our medicine balls online or pick them up from our warehouse in Brisbane. We offer fast shipping across Australia and same-day dispatch.

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